BareWolf Brewing is a family and friends operated-business located in Amesbury, MA that almost never makes the same beer twice, so enjoy what you’re holding because you might never have it again!

Voted 2018 Best New Brewery in Massachusets by Ratebeer.com

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Ever-changing originality

Our home is in the first floor of an antique mill building in the quaint micro city of Amesbury, MA. Our 4,000 square foot slice o’ paradise is divvied up into our main production space, (on display from your seat in the taproom), The Funkyard (where we keep all our barrel-aged goodies), and our rootin’ tootin’ taproom space, home to dope draft brewskies, live music sets, and a laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of your best friends' living room.

We are driven by creativity, we practice our time-honed tradecraft, we move forward with purpose. Our symbol is the vermillion poppy - one of nature’s purest and most vivid beauties - but lasting only a day. Creating brand new beers every month is a process that promises both ever-changing newness and the opportunity to live in the transitory. By eschewing a regular lineup of beers, we challenge ourselves, our customers, our friends, to a game of trust: What we came to love is always leaving us, but the next and greatest thing is right around the corner. What better way to tackle our pesky mortality than to share a beer with those we love?


Meet The Team

Paul Bareford

As co-founder of the brewery, Paul’s main jams are biz ops, 60’s rock and roll, money stuff, and Motown blues, but he is also the go-to for everything from event coordination to staging heavy equipment to chillin’ in the taproom taking in the vibe and greeting our regulars.

Stevie Bareford
Co-Founder & Brewer

The other co-founder of BareWolf is Stevie, Paul’s handsome and brilliant son. He designed the brewery, makes beer, and draws all the can labels, but you can usually find him slacking off by the pool table in his rubber boots with a pint in hand.

Wyeth Bednar

Wyeth is the brewery's millennial whisperer and token Midwesterner. After falling in love with craft beer and brewing during college (surprise), he honed his skills at a number of Boston-area breweries before joining BareWolf to share his tradecraft, superior musical tastes, and generally chipper constitution.

Matty Neff

The perfect combination of workaholic and standup comic, Matt is a seasoned brewing veteran, the owner of our sharpest palate, and our resident redhead curmudgeon. You’ll often spy him scowling into a glass of beer, dry-hopping a tank, or waxing poetic about one of his legendary seafood recipes.

Brewery & Taproom

12 Oakland Street | Amesbury, MA | 01913​

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