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Hand-Crafted Local Beer and cider for Weddings, Very Special Occasions and World-class Party Favors!


Custom Labels

CUSTOM LABEled beer and cider

(with your pretty lil' face on it)

Select from one of our pre-designed templates, send us your photo, and we'll create a custom label for your cans!


Year-Round Favorites

Choose Your Favs!

Pick your favorite style with BareWolf‘s own outrageous names and labels!

Did we mention they can be delivered to your venue?


(with your pretty lil’ face on it)

Pick one of our custom label templates and we will customize with your name and photo!

Minimum quantity 5 cases per order

Choose from 4 BareWolf classic styles:
New England IPA
Farmhouse Ale
Hard cider

or or or or or or or or or

Visit the brewery!
sample the goods!
choose your favs!

Beer and Cider with BareWolf‘s own outrageous names
and labels can be delivered to your venue!

let us do the work so you can look cool cool cool
Custo Labeled Beer
Choose Favs
EBACHER- AK-1164.jpg
Did you know you can host your wedding or rehearsal dinner at barewolf?

Visit our Private events page to learn more!
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